Mission Statement

We are a network of blogging graduate students, naturalists, and professionals who think reptiles and amphibians (collectively called ‘herps’) are some of the coolest (and important) creatures on Earth. Our goal is to use social media to communicate information about reptile and amphibian natural history, science, and conservation to a broad audience. We hope that social media will become an important educational tool to conduct effective scientific outreach, and we believe that herps have much to gain from this type of outreach. These animals are often cryptic, and the general public seems to overlook their presence and great importance. However, many reptiles and amphibians occur in large numbers in the ecosystems they inhabit, are top predators, and provide important services to their habitats. It is important that we all understand the intrinsic and ecological values that herps have for conservation reasons.

Our group consists of individuals that run independent blogs. However, we hold multiple social media events per year, each focused on a topic intended to spark the public’s interest in reptiles and amphibians. During these events, we overtake social media to get the word out that herps are interesting and important! This website is devoted to hosting these events. You can find our past and current event topics with links to posts here. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive notifications of upcoming events.


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