Past Events

Crawlies Converge 2015

We wrote on amazing examples of convergent evolution in reptiles and amphibians. Our audience followed posts using #CrawliesConverge

Participating blogs and authors:


Herps Adapt!

This event began on Darwin Day (Darwin’s birthday), February 12th 2014, and ran until February 16th. We wrote blog posts about unique amphibian and reptile adaptations in honor of Darwin’s writings on natural selection. Our goal was to decrease the negative perception many people hold against herps (and foster conservation efforts) by illuminating their remarkable qualities. We used the hashtag #HerpsAdapt to promote this event. 

Participating blogs and authors:


Snakes At Your Service

Our inaugural event was held on December 9th 2013, and was inspired by Partner in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation’s (PARC) Year of the Snake. We published blog posts about the diversity of ecosystem services provided by snakes, animals that are often vilified in the popular media. Our goal was to create new media that accurately portrayed snakes’ importance in the hopes of decreasing the negative perception many people hold against them. We used the hashtag #SnakesAtYourService to promote this event.

‘Snakes At Your Service’  participating blogs and authors:

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